Portraits- animal and people



Hazel pop art portrait

Hazel Jane Collins age 1,  LA – Pop Art Watercolor 2017



Couple and their dog

Couple and their dog , New York, New York -watercolor 2017


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Jake the bulldog – Brooklyn, NY – watercolor pen & ink 2017



Dexter- Brooklyn, NY – watercolor 2017


Odin, puppy and adult

Odin as a puppy and full gown – Long Island, NY – watercolor 2017



Jeremy and Mrs. Claus – watercolor pen & ink 2016


Deigo the dog- 2016 watercolor


Scully- whippet bread,  2016 watercolor

Justin portrait

Justin and Christina – 2016 watercolor


Adam Lefkowitz-  3 years old, watercolor  2013

LEV painting portrait

Lev Charles Katz- 2 years old, watercolor 2015

Piper portrait

Penelope ( Piper) Elizebeth Collins- 8 months old 2014

House & Boat Portraits

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Scranton Ave, NY- watercolor pen & ink 2017


Magurie home, Lynbrook New York- watercolor pen & ink


Ozog home, Michigan- watercolor pen & ink


Michigan home- watercolor pen & ink


Mundinger home, Michigan- watercolor pen & ink


New York Ave,  Brooklyn New York – watercolor pen & ink


Union Place, Lynbrook, New York – watercolor pen & ink


Seideman Fishing Boat- Long Island, New York – watercolor pen & ink

Macinaw Sailboat2

Mackinaw Island, MI- watercolor pen & ink

Vincent Street House

Vincent Street, Lynbrook NY -watercolor pen & ink

Freudenberg Home, New York.  Before and after renovation – watercolor pen & ink


Qureshis Family Home, Connecticut – watercolor pen & ink


Colettis Home- Massachusetts-watercolor pen & ink

Queens House

The Colettis Home- Queens, New York – watercolor pen & ink

Angela Building

Fekete Family building, Queens, New York – watercolor pen & ink

Fowler Ave House Painting

Fowler Ave Home, Long Island- watercolor, pen & ink

MA home painitng

Massachusetts Ocean home- watercolor, pen & ink

one i finished the other day

Leonx Street Home, Long Island – watercolor, pen & ink

Andrewa B house

Rochester Home, Michigan- watercolor, pen & ink

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Lake House, Virgina- watercolor, pen & ink

Mcdade Boat house

Backyard of Lake House, Virgina -watercolor, pen & ink

Marian St house

Marion Street House, Long Island -watercolor, pen & ink

Backyard Marian House

Marion Street House backyard, Long Island-watercolor, pen & ink

RZ cottage copy

Canadian Lakes Cottage, Michigan – watercolor, pen & ink

Jess BK apt1

Bay Ridge Parkway Condo, Brooklyn-watercolor, pen & ink

painting2 autotone

Schenectady Ave House, Brooklyn – watercolor, pen & ink

nicoles dads house

Walnut Street House, Long Island-watercolor, pen & ink

Bocker parents house

Hunington House, Long Island- watercolor pen & ink

Silvers house

Murdock Road House, Long Island-watercolor, pen & ink