People Portraits


Linda Hurd ( my mother) in Greece – watercolor 2019



Brothers – watercolor 2019



Bourdain / Spade tribute portrait – watercolor 2018



80th birthday gift from old black and white baby photo, Florida –  watercolor 2017



Mrs. Claws and Jeremy- watercolor,  Long Island NY 2016


Couple and their dog

Couple and their dog, New York, New York 2017



brother and sister portrait1

Brother and sister portrait – watercolor- Long Island, New York 2017



Adam Lefkowitz – age 3- watercolor -Long Island New York  2014


Piper portrait

Piper Elizabeth Collins-  age 1 – watercolor LA, CA 2013


LEV painting portrait

Lev Charles Katz , 2 years old 2015- watercolor





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